It’s Alive!

Some argue that the bane of every writer’s existence is the butt in chair part of getting things done. And, it’s true. All that we do stems from sitting down at the keyboard (or more recently, fountain and Levenger notebook), and pouring¬†those words down.

But, there’s something else. That necessary evil we call blogging. And while I once blogged nearly everyday for three years straight, my blogging production has taken a nasty nosedive. I don’t think I’m alone either. It seems we’ve all take to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and the like. I hear even some tried out Ello. Consequently, much in the way of our inner thoughts that we may have previously blogged about find themselves posted in short snappy quips on one or more of those other mediums.

Now while I’m going to make an effort to do better, much better with the new blog, ¬†I’m going to be realistic, read: the day job, family, actual writing time, etc., etc.

A few years back, I learned that there was indeed another Veronica Henry in the business – imagine that! She sits across the pond, but the url? Yep, she’d snagged it. For a while, I settled for the url and twitter handle, veronicawrites. Cool, but didn’t solve that nagging publishing question. Did I really want my readers to confuse me with another writer?

Thus, the pen name: VH Galloway. I’m still there, with the addition of my mom’s family name. The Henry and Galloway sides of the family are duly represented. I think it has a nice ring to it. Hope you do to.