The Un-United States of Z

In a near-future Los Angeles, Dr. Zen Marley is torn between two conflicting realities: his buried southern roots and his preppy west coast professor persona. He must travel home to face the reality of his mother’s failing mental health. But he finds an aberration: a monstrous imposter wearing the rotted shell of his mother’s skin. In a twisted case of self-defense, he kills her, but not before he is also infected.

With his humanity eroding, Zen sets off on cross-country quest through a racially divided America to rescue his sister, find a cure, and stop the advance of the sentient flesh-eating army led by his highly intelligent, but psychotic former student.

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The Rotting Road

In this second installment of The Un-United States of Z trilogy, Dr. Zen Marley clings to last vestiges of his humanity. Following desperate rumors of a cure in Los Angeles, he and his crew of colorful but clashing personalities battle human and rotter foes across the southwest. 

At the volatile Arizona border, Zen makes a critical decision for survival that puts his friend’s lives at stake. And in Los Angeles, Idriss Kimball erupts into a despotic miasma. He leads the rotters on a conquest that only Zen can stop.
With enemies mounting on all sides, Zen finds that his biggest struggle may be against himself.
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The Refugee Prophet

In the last installment of the Un-United States of Z trilogy, Dr. Zen Marley has endured an epic struggle on his way to Los Angeles. But the city of angels is not the haven that he left just weeks ago. A dangerous faction of desperate survivors has emerged and the rotters are an organized, blood thirsty force against nature.

With Zen’s voracious hunger mounting, he and his band of misfits are in a deadly race against time to find what may be a mythical cure. This leads them on a collision course directly into the stronghold of the Pied Piper of rotters, Idriss Kimball. With the country’s and possibly the world’s fate in his hands, Zen must take a final stand for all of humanity.
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He Would be King

Joran is a court jester in a creative rut. His tricks – old, his contortions – passé. Though he aspires to greater heights in his king’s court, he is more likely to have his head lopped off. He finds solace in a mysterious magical stranger locked in the recesses of the castle. But the stranger is a jinn and his promises carry an unexpected price.

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In The Trenches

There was more than one enemy on the World War I battlefield . . . a freakish swarm that stalked the weak, the injured, the dying. For one soldier, even though this battle is over, his own private war has just begun.

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The Beast of Bodmin Moor

Freddie is a newly orphaned boy in Cornwall England, taken in by his distant, yet dutiful uncle. Without the distraction of school, his days are consumed with blistering loneliness . . . and guilt. But when livestock starts turning up dead on Freddie’s doorstep, long-forgotten memories of the legendary Beast of Bodmin Moor, resurface. Shrouded in suspicion from the locals, Freddie forms an unlikely friendship that will reveal unconscionable secrets of the past and shatter the remains of his childhood.

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